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Professional Staff Temporary Appointment

Why are monthly-paid project appointments limited to nine months?
When an appointment will last more than nine months the University does not consider it to be "temporary." There are many research funded "regular" positions that last limited periods of time.
What should I do if we anticipate additional funding in the future but only have limited funding right now?
Create a professional staff temporary appointment. But if additional funding is awarded and the position will extend beyond nine months, you will need to conduct a recruitment to fill the regular appointment. The University is an equal opportunity employer and all qualifying applicants must receive equal consideration. Open your recruitment as soon as you know that you will have the funds to extend the appointment so that you can equally consider each available candidate.
If I conduct a regular recruitment for a project appointment and it transitions to a regular professional staff position, is a new recruitment necessary?
No. However, a complete position description, if not previously developed, will be needed. The Compensation Office will reevaluate the position to determine its professional staff exemption status and payroll title.
Do employees in hourly or monthly-paid temporary professional staff appointments receive legislatively approved salary increases?
Employees in professional staff temporary appointments do not automatically receive legislatively approved salary increases and are not included in the allocation of state. However, the employing unit may make a salary adjustment out of unit funds.
What should I do if the Compensation Office determines that a proposed professional staff temporary appointment does not meet professional staff exemption criteria, and I cannot find a classified staff hourly title that I think is appropriate?
Contact your employment specialist or compensation consultant to identify a classified title that can be used to fill your position.

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Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.