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Hiring Resources
Telephone Screening


Telephone screens (also called phone interviews) can be a time-saving step in the recruitment process. While phone conversations cannot replace in-person interviews, they can be used to narrow your candidate pool or learn more about a candidate from out of town, and are generally used to determine if the applicant is still interested based on the "conditions of employment"; the salary, shift, etc.

Notes from a telephone screen become part of the recruitment record and should be kept for three years.


Download our telephone screen template. This template will provide you with a structure while screening candidates. You may also develop your own template using interviewing and technical questions. Be sure to use the same screen on all candidates.

Before starting your telephone screens, establish a system for evaluating your results. Consistency with evaluations will assist you in identifying candidates to move to the next step in the interviewing process.

During the phone screen, allow time for candidates to ask you questions about the position. Be prepared to provide information on the next steps in the interviewing process. Also, let candidates know when you will be getting back to them about the results of the telephone screen.

Make sure to follow up with candidates you have spoken with to let them know the status of the recruitment.


Office of Records Management guidelines for personnel and payroll records

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Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.