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Fixed Duration Appointment
Begin Recruitment



See the About Fixed Duration Appointments page if you are not already familiar with the requirements and limitations for fixed duration appointments.

Criminal Background Checks

Some UW positions are considered Security/Safety Sensitive. The successful candidate for such a position must have a criminal conviction history check conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been made and accepted. See the Criminal Background Check web page for details.

If your position is "security/safety sensitive" discuss the background check requirements with your employment specialist.


1. Enter your requisition into UWHIRES. The following fields are required:

2. Once all fields are completed, click "Save" at the bottom of the page. This will create your requisition number and allow you to review the requisition in Draft status.

Candidate Information

If a candidate has been identified, request the candidate to complete the online application profile in UWHIRES.

Be sure to enter the candidate's name in the "Notes" section of the UWHIRES requisition. Include UW employee ID if available.

Your Employment Specialist will attach the candidate as the final (or only) candidate to the requisition.

If you do not have a candidate identified, list in the "Notes" section this is an open recruitment temporary position.

Next step:

Get your requisition approved.

Fixed Duration
Appt. Hiring Topics

Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.

UWHIRES Upgrades.
We are making upgrades to UWHIRES. Before you log in, check here to view a list of bugs/errors currently affecting the Hiring Manager Workbench and to learn about the latest system improvements.

Need access to UWHIRES? Contact your Employment Specialist.

Need to extend a fixed duration appointment? Contact your Employment Specialist.

Need help with UWHIRES? Call or email our help desk at 206-543-2544.