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Direct Hire Temporary
Post-offer — HR Campus Operations


If you are a hiring manager outside of UW Medicine, your employment specialist will send a New Hire Confirmation/OPUS Approval email to you when the temporary hourly appointment is reviewed and approved. You will also receive an email copy of the Temporary Employment Notice sent to the employee.


Complete the temporary hourly direct hire by following the steps below:

It is important that you enter a new employee into the payroll system as soon as possible as it triggers the Benefits Office to send the new employee information on their benefits eligibility. Not having the employee entered into payroll in the pay cycle in which they were hired causes a delay in alerting the employee to time-sensitive information about their benefits eligibility.


Some temporary positions are benefits-eligible. Learn more.

View the New Employee Checklist for Direct Hire Staff

Direct Hire
Temp. Topics

Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.