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Hiring Classified Staff
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  • Criminal Background Checks


The Compensation Office assigns the job classification for classified positions. See also: Classified Job Titles and Class Specifications.

Criminal Background Checks

Some UW positions are considered security/safety sensitive. The successful candidate for such a position must have a criminal conviction history check conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been made and accepted. See the Criminal Background Check web page for details.


Job Description for Classified Positions

Prepare a position description that contains enough information to clearly define the job duties to be performed, including:

  1. The position's primary purpose;
  2. General duties;
  3. Any duties that make this position unique to your department;
  4. Lead or supervisory responsibilities;
  5. Required skills, knowledge, abilities, or experience;
  6. Desired skills, knowledge, abilities, or experience;
  7. Conditions of employment — credentials required including degree(s), licenses, certificates, registrations, or other certifications that are required to perform the essential duties of the position; and
  8. Work schedule and FTE of the position.

You will need budget information and the list of approvers/reviewers who must review/approve the UWHIRES requisition.

Prepare the Requisition

Enter your requisition in UWHIRES. Filling a job in UWHIRES starts with the creation of an electronic requisition that supplies all of the relevant information about the position, and is used to obtain the approvals necessary to proceed with recruitment.

  1. Click the "Create New Req" link in the Requisition's "Quick Search" section of your Manager Workbench.
  2. Enter your information into the data fields (fields with asterisks are required).
  3. Designate the position as being security/safety sensitive, if it meets one of more of the University's criteria. If you have questions whether your position meets the criteria contact your employment specialist. After a contingent job offer has been extended for a security/safety sensitive position, the chosen candidate must undergo a post-job offer criminal background check.
  4. Save your requisition.
  5. Attach compensation documents required for new or replacement positions.

Your requisition is now saved as a draft. You can continue to make changes to your requisition while in the draft mode.

Next step:

Get your requisition approved

Classified & Prostaff
Hiring Topics

Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.

For Professional Staff Positions see also: Professional Staff Payroll Titles.

For Classified positions see also: Classified Job Titles and Class Specifications.

Need access to UWHIRES? Contact your Employment Specialist.

Need help with UWHIRES? Call or email our help desk at 206-543-2544.