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Layoff & Reduction
Resources to Help Employees

Help employees scheduled for layoff by reviewing the following with them.

Leave Balances

Let employees know what their current leave balances are and what their projected balances will be as of the effective date of layoff. Ensure that employees know what will happen to their leave and or compensatory time accumulations (for example, professional staff are not paid for more than 240 hours of annual leave regardless of the final annual leave balance).


The layoff benefits summary can help employees with questions about insurance coverage following layoff, including medical/dental and life insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. Employees may also email -

Laid off employees who work for the UW for at least eight hours a month will continue to receive the employer-paid portion of medical and dental benefits, however, the opportunity for such work is based on the need for workers and is not guaranteed. Employees who are working as a temporary employee following layoff should notify the Benefits Office by email - - to ensure benefits are kept current.

Job Search Tools

Tools and advice to help employees with their job search

UW CareLink, the University of Washington's faculty and staff assistance program, may be able to provide resources to help employees cope with the personal and financial challenges of job loss. UW CareLink is available to laid off employees up to 30 days following the date of separation from employment.

UW Employment Resources

Encourage employees to review UW job listings and to seek help at if they need assistance with UW employment system, UWHIRES.

Employees scheduled for layoff may also wish to consider exploring temporary employment opportunities at the University through UTemp Staffing.

Washington State Employment Security Department

Layoff Topics