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Service Award Coordinator Guide


Being a service award coordinator for your department is an important and positive role in recognizing your department’s staff for their hard work and dedication. Thank you for your efforts!

UW Human Resources (UWHR) offers information to help:


Learn what to expect when an employee in your department reaches a milestone anniversary:

  1. Be aware of the anniversaries in your department. UWHR’s goal is for each employee celebrating a milestone anniversary to receive the award of their choice on time for their big day. You can assist us by maintaining a list of your employees' milestone anniversaries in your department and verifying that you receive the appropriate award packets from your HR service award contact approximately one month prior to the anniversary. The UWHR service award contact for your department will send you a packet for those staff members that show an upcoming milestone anniversary in our database. While the information in our database derives directly from OPUS and OWLS data, omissions can occur.
  2. Process the selection form. Once you have received the award packet and have verified that the information within is accurate, give the selection form (or lapel pin for five year anniversaries) to the employee’s supervisor for distribution to and completion by the employee. For 10+ year anniversaries, this should be done as quickly as possible so that the selection form can be processed and the employee’s award sent prior to the anniversary date. The selection form should be returned to you for prompt processing. Please ensure that your name, box number, and complete physical delivery address are listed. Forms should be sent to your UWHR service award contact.
  3. Receive the gift. You should receive the employee’s award within 7 to 10 business days. The rest is up to you, your employee’s supervisor, and your department. This is a very special time, so have fun with it!


Beyond service recognition: if you are interested in developing a recognition program for your unit, or are looking for creative ways to recognize your fellow employees, visit the UW Employee Recognition Program webpage.

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