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Classified Non-Union Performance Mgmt.
Manager's Guide


This information applies to the performance management process for classified non union employees — those classified employees at the University who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. The performance management process for classified non-union staff is in accordance with Administrative Policy Statement 43.14 Performance Management Policy for Classified Non-Union Staff. (Note - This resource does not apply to classified non-union staff at Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center. Medical centers' staff can obtain performance management information from the medical centers' human resources offices).

Performance management is the process by which a supervisor and an employee together review and assess how well an employee has met the goals that have been established for an employee's position. Performance reviews commonly take place annually but can be scheduled more frequently.

A successful employment relationship depends on the supervisor describing the position's:

Job Duties or Tasks – what the employee will do;
Example – Prepare and submit research research grant applications according to federal requirements
Job Competencies – the skills, knowledge and abilities that are required to perform a position's job duties;
Examples – Able to accurately prepare documents using word processing and spreadsheet software; knowledge of federal grant submission requirements and procedures; able to meet established deadlines; able to work collaboratively with others to achieve results
The Key Results expected – what outcomes is the employee expected to achieve.
Example – Federal grant applications will be prepared accurately, completely, and on time, in compliance with all applicable federal requirements.

In addition, the employee should be able to describe what she or he needs to help support successful performance. These needs might be instructions, training, support from coworkers, etc.

While you determine a position's performance requirements, your employee should have an opportunity for input.


Performance Development Plan

The Performance Development Plan is the approved form that the state civil service rules require be used to document the performance review process for classified non-union staff. View the Performance Development Plan Instructions.

Using the Performance Development Plan to conduct the performance review process anticipates that you have compiled the following information and shared it with your employee(s):

  1. A complete job (position) description that describes those tasks and responsibilities for which a particular position is responsible.
  2. A position's performance expectation in the form of:
    1. The Key Results expected of the position (what outcomes are expected).
    2. The Competencies that are necessary to perform the job duties and achieve the Key Results.

Performance Review Process

The performance review process assesses how well an employee has achieved the results and competencies defined for the position, and plans for the future development of the employee. It is therefore important that an employee be familiar with his or her position's job description and performance expectations well in advance of the time that the review is conducted.

Performance Feedback

Review information that the Department of Personnel provides on planning and conducting performance evaluations.

Classified Non-Union
Performance Mgmt. Topics