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Corrective Action for Classified Staff
Informal & Formal Counseling

Informal Counseling/Coaching

Informal counseling or coaching is just that. Typically oral, this action is taken to correct minor problems or to advise an employee of performance or behavior adjustments that are necessary. Informal counseling or coaching may be confirmed in a follow-up letter to the staff member.

Formal Counseling

Formal counseling is designed to provide structured, written feedback that includes a draft action plan for achieving successful performance. Contact your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) for assistance/guidance/review. The draft action plan should identify each performance problem, the actions necessary to correct the problem(s), and the time frames within which the problem(s) must be corrected.

  1. Prepare for the Formal Counseling meeting. Consult with your HRC for review.
  2. Coordinate the scheduling of the meeting with your HRC.
  3. Prepare a formal counsel memo to the employee that confirms the formal counseling meeting and includes the employee's right to representation.
  4. Conduct the formal counseling meeting. This meeting is intended to be a collaborative discussion/process between the manager and employee while reviewing the draft action plan.
  5. Follow-up the formal counseling meeting with a follow-up memo and finalized action plan.

Tips: Preparing For and Conducting a Formal Counseling Meeting

Corrective Action