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Corrective Action for Classified Staff

If an employee's performance doesn't improve despite corrective action measures, or if the employee's behavior is extreme, dismissal is appropriate. In the unlikely event that you believe an employee's behavior may present an immediate threat in the workplace you should notify the proper authorities consistent with the requirements of the University's Policy and Procedure on Workplace Violence.

  1. Preparing the Recommendation Letter. Once it has been determined to move forward with a dismissal, work with your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) to prepare a recommendation letter for dismissal. The recommendation letter is a letter from a supervisor or employing official to the appointing authority stating the reasons for recommending dismissal (sometimes called a "cause" letter).
  2. Conducting the Pre–Determination Meeting. Prior to dismissing a permanent classified employee, a pre-determination meeting must be held. The pre–determination meeting is ordinarily conducted in person and includes the employee, a representative of the employee's choosing, if requested, yourself or your appointing authority or designee, and your HRC.

    Your HRC will assist you in preparing a pre–determination memo to the employee. This memo advises the employee that s/he can attend the meeting and present information verbally and/or in writing and advises them of their right to representation.

  3. Prior to or during the pre–determination meeting:
    • Advise the employee of the recommended action and all charges upon which the disciplinary action will be based. In accordance with Article 23.4, WFSE employees must be informed in writing at least five (5) days prior to the pre–determination meeting of the reasons for considering dismissal and be given any referenced documentation.
    • Provide an opportunity for the employee to review the recommendation for termination.
    • Provide an opportunity for the employee to indicate orally and/or in writing why the action should not be taken.
  4. Reviewing the Employee's Response. Following the pre–determination meeting and/or the submission of written materials by the employee, give consideration to the employee's comments and determine whether to proceed with the proposed action.
  5. Preparing the Action Letter. Work with your HRC when finalizing your decision to dismiss an employee. Your HRC will assist in preparing the action letter. An action letter is the official notice of dismissal signed by the appointing authority.
  6. The action letter should be delivered in person to the employee. Document the name of the server and witness to the personal service, and date and time of service. If this is not possible, due to the employee's absence from work, the letter should be sent by certified and regular mail to the employee's most recent home address.

Corrective Action