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Employee Development



You have probably experienced the strong correlation between employee satisfaction, employee development and retention. As a manager you can play many important roles in employee development—including facilitator, coach, and champion.

The June 2005 Leadership, Community and Values survey found that a majority of UW staff members were less than satisfied with their opportunities for professional development. Encourage your employees to enhance their professional development with many effective learning and growth opportunities that are low or no cost.

Your employee can:


Contact your unit’s Human Resources Consultant to discuss employee development. Your HRC can help you prepare for discussions with your staff about your organization’s goals and how to engage your employees.

Explore Professional & Organizational Development's manager's resources for employee career development.

Refer your employees to Professional and Organizational Development (POD) learning opportunities, including:

Consider POD’s University Consulting Alliance for customized training services and as potential partners in shaping a structured employee development program for your organization.


Encourage your employees to take advantage of ways to grow at the UW, including:

  1. Tuition exemption
  2. UW Technology courses
  3. Classes offered by ASUW’s Experimental College
  4. Classes offered by the UW Women’s Center