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Benefits Orientation
Choosing a Medical Plan

It's important to choose a medical plan that's best for you and your family. A carefully selected health plan can potentially reduce medical costs over the long term and give you peace of mind. The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) sponsors the following medical plans for your consideration:

  1. Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic - a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) traditional plan
  2. UMP Consumer Driven Health Plan with Health Savings Account (CDHP-HSA)
  3. Group Health Classic - a managed care traditional plan
  4. Group Health Value - a managed care value plan
  5. Group Health CDHP-HSA
  6. Kaiser Permanente Classic - a managed care traditional plan covering certain regions
  7. Kaiser Permanente CDHP-HSA covering certain regions

Medical and dental plan enrollment is done together on the same form. Therefore, once you have read the medical plan comparison overview and have chosen a medical plan, jot down the name of this plan and proceed to the next section to choose a dental plan before you enroll in both health plans together.

Waiving Coverage

You may elect to waive medical coverage for yourself and your family members. (Dental coverage may not be waived—there is no employee premium for this coverage.) If you waive coverage for yourself, you may not enroll a family member. Even if you waive medical coverage you will not receive any additional compensation because the UW is required to pay the employer portion of your coverage to the Health Care Authority regardless.

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