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Benefits Orientation
Choosing a Dental Plan

Dental Plan Options

Before you choose your dental plan, you need to understand:

Managed Care Plans

The managed care plans require that you use a dentist who participates in the plan. All dental care is managed through your primary care dentist or network provider. You cannot see a specialist unless you are referred by your primary care dentist. To enroll in a managed care plan, you will need to select a participating dentist and make sure that that dentist is accepting patients. The managed care plans are:

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan

The Uniform Dental PPO plan allows you to see any provider of your choice. You will generally pay less if you see a provider who is part of the Uniform Dental Plan's provider network. A PPO allows you more freedom of choice than a managed care plan but you may incur higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Dental Benefits Comparison

All plans have standardized benefits. Some differences include:

For details on specific benefits, contact the plans directly.


Good news! There are no employee or dependent premiums for any of the dental plans. The UW pays your dental premium.

Find a Dentist

Before you enroll in a dental plan determine whether your dentist is in one of the managed care plans or in the Uniform Plan's preferred provider network. Either ask your dentist/dental clinic or check "participating dentists" or the provider directory within the plan(s):

Confirm your dentist's or clinic's participation in the plan you wish to choose and record their provider or clinic code on your worksheet.

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