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Name & Address Change


Legally changing your name requires that you complete a number of local and federal government forms before making changes to your benefits. The UW cannot change your name on its payroll system unless you have already changed your name with the Social Security Administration. You must promptly correct your records to ensure correct federal tax reporting, prompt tax refunds, and proper crediting of your wage to your Social Security account.


The following list identifies the employment-related records you should update and what action you may need to take to update them.

Note: University policy is that a person's UW NetID normally may not be changed. UW Technology will consider changing a NetID if you feel that there are special circumstances that require the change. See the Changing Your UW NetID web page.
Social Security Record and Card
Go to Social Security Online to read the information about changing your name and to locate your local Social Security Administration office. Take the necessary steps to obtain a new Social Security card.
University Payroll System Records
After you have received your new Social Security Card, bring it in to your department Human Resources office, or Payroll Coordinator, in-person to have the University's payroll system updated to reflect your changed name. Note – faxes or copies of your new Social Security Card cannot be accepted.
Husky Card (UW ID card) Replacement
You can submit a request for a new ID card issued with your new name after the payroll system is updated. ID cards must be obtained in person at the Husky Card Account and ID Card Center located on the ground floor of Odegaard Library; (206) 543-7222. Employees of UW Tacoma, UW Bothell, Harborview or UWMC should use the satellite ID production sites at their respective locations. Employees obtaining new ID cards will need to present their EID number and a state or federal issued photo ID.
You will receive a free U-PASS replacement when you bring your old Husky Card with the U-PASS sticker to Parking and Commuter Services along with your newly-issued Husky Card.
Campus Directory and Emergency contact information
Update this information yourself through the Employee Self-Service (ESS).
Healthcare Insurance
When you update ESS, the UW transmits the change to the state Health Care Authority which is responsible to notify the PEBB medical and dental vendors electronically.
Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS)
When you update ESS, the UW will report the change to PERS.
Online Work/Leave System (OWLS)
Only after your name has been updated in the payroll system will OWLS automatically reflect your new name.
University Retirement Plans, Voluntary Investment Program (VIP), and Other Retirement and Insurance Programs
Contacts are identified in the table below:
If you participate in: And you are a: Then update your personal information via:
Auto/home/boat insurance Active UW Faculty & Staff Liberty Mutual
Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) Active UW Faculty & Staff Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Flexible Spending Account Active UW Faculty & Staff ESS
Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP) Graduate Appointee Both ESS and LifeWise Assurance Company
Law Enforcement Officers Retirement System (LEOFF) Active UW Law Enforcement ESS
Inactive UW Law Enforcement DRS form
PEBB* Medical, Dental, Life and Long-Term Disability plans Active UW Faculty & Staff ESS
Self-pay or Retiree PEBB
Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) Active UW Faculty & Staff ESS
Inactive UW employee or Retiree DRS Form
Teacher Employees' Retirement System (TRS) Active UW Faculty & Staff ESS
Inactive UW employee or Retiree DRS form
University of Washington Retirement Plan (UWRP) Active UW Faculty & Staff ESS
Inactive UW employee or Retiree Fidelity Investments
Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) Active UW faculty, staff, or student ESS
Inactive UW employee or student, or retiree Fidelity Investments