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Name & Address Change

You can update your address at any time by logging into your Employee Self Service (ESS) account. For other changes to your personal information, you must make changes through the appropriate federal or state agencies and provide documentation* before the UW can update your information.

Change your address

At any time, you can update your home address in the UW record system by logging into your ESS account. Once you update ESS, your address will be automatically updated for any of the following that apply to you:

You can also use ESS to update your campus directory information, tax form, and emergency contact information.

If youíre an inactive employee or retiree and need to change your address, contact your retirement plan and insurance administrators directly. You can usually change your address by visiting their website and logging into your account.

Change your name

Before the UW can change your name in its records, you must change your name on your Social Security card.

Once youíve received your new Social Security card, take it your departmentís human resources manager or payroll coordinator. They can make the change in UWís payroll system. Alternatively, take your card directly to the UW Payroll Office, and they will update the system.

If youíre a UW retiree and you are currently re-employed, you can follow the procedure above to have your department change your UW records. For all other retirees UW Benefits Office is the home department, and can implement the name change. However all retirees need to contact the retirement plan recordkeeper (Department of Retirement Systems, Fidelity, or TIAA-CREF) directly for assistance changing your name in their records.

After your name is updated in the payroll system, visit the Husky Card ID center to update your Husky Card.

If you have a U-PASS with your Husky Card, contact UW Transportation Services to be sure your U-PASS is transferred to your new Husky Card.

Change your gender

Before the UW can change your gender on its records, you must change your gender on your Washington driver license or ID card.

Once youíve received your updated license or ID card, provide a copy* to the UW Benefits Office. Benefits will make the change to the UW payroll system even for employees who arenít eligible for UW-paid benefits.

You can also change your gender on Social Securityís records. However, your Social Security card doesnít indicate your gender, so the UW canít use it as documentation for your gender.

Change in residency

If you have recently become a permanent US resident (green card holder), take your permanent resident card to your departmentís human resources manager or payroll coordinator. They will need to complete USCIS Form I-9 to re-verify your employment eligibility. For other questions about citizenship see the UW Payroll Office website.

Change your date of birth

All requests for a change to your date of birth record are reviewed by Benefits, regardless of whether or not you have UW-paid benefits.

Before the UW can change your date of birth in the payroll system, you must provide evidence of the correct date to Benefits. To make the change, provide a copy* of either your state-issued driver license or ID card, or both your birth certificate and current photo ID to the UW Benefits Office.

Note: If you have UW-provided benefits and you believe there may simply be a data entry error, contact Benefits to request a review of your records to determine if additional proof is required.

Change your student records

Contact the UW Registrarís Office for assistance in updating your student records.

Change your UW NetID

In general, your UW NetID is permanent and cannot be changed except in rare circumstances. For more information, email

*Disclaimer: Documentation provided in support of a change to your UW records should be submitted securely. Delivering it to the designated office in person, or providing by fax are recommended. Scanned documents are not secure and are strongly discouraged.