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Life Events


Entering into or dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership, though polar opposites emotionally, present employees with similar questions and decisions that must be made. Depending on your situation you may need to address some or all of the following:


Name and Address Change

View the name and address change web page to learn you must take to update your records, including information about updating UW directory listings, emergency contact information, insurance and retirement plans, etc.

Health Insurance – Adding or removing a dependent

See the following web pages:

Life Insurance - Enrollment and adding or removing coverage or a beneficiary

Coping with Relationship Challenges

UW CareLink is the University’s employee assistance program. UW CareLink provides in person assessment and short-term confidential counseling by local professionals for any issue that causes concern including, relationships, family and parenting, finances, etc. UW CareLink is available to employees, their housemates, and dependents. This free, confidential service provides up to three counseling sessions per issue.