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Dependent Insurance Coverage
Adding a Spouse or Same-Sex Domestic Partner



Insurance Eligibility

If you are a UW employee who is enrolled in a medical and/or dental plan, your eligible spouse or qualified domestic partner (QDP) can be enrolled in the same plan as you. If you have previously waived UW health insurance coverage, your spouse may not participate in the medical insurance either.

A spouse or qualified domestic partner may be added to one’s health insurance:

If the person meets the enrollment criteria, Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) sponsored benefits will begin the first of the month after coverage is terminated by the person’s employer.

Coverage for a spouse or qualified domestic partner begins on the first of the month following the date the person establishes eligibility. If a newly eligible subscriber or dependent other than a newborn child is in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, approved chemical dependency treatment facility, or other inpatient facility when coverage would normally begin, no benefits will be provided for services rendered before discharge.


Starting Health Insurance Coverage

  1. Read information on choosing a medical and dental plan—see links at right.
  2. Complete these required forms:
  3. You may also want to complete these forms:
  4. Make a copy of all completed forms except the worksheet, which is for your records only.
  5. Send the forms to the UW Benefits Office, Box 359556.

In addition, if you are adding a spouse or qualified domestic partner to coverage because that person’s insurance through another employer was lost, you must submit a letter from the employer certifying eligibility dates with that employer. The state Health Care Authority must approve coverage.

Be sure that coverage has been approved before using any health care services.

If you have any questions about eligibility, or about the process of adding a dependent to your health insurance coverage, use the Benefits Help/Email Portal .


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