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Life Events
Serious Illness & Disability - Health Insurance Coverage


If you receive UW paid health insurance, your health insurance will continue as long as you are "in pay status." You are considered to be in pay status while using annual leave, sick leave, compensatory time, or your personal holiday. You will remain responsible for any insurance premiums or co-pays for your health care plan. If you have a limited amount of paid leave and will be on an extended leave of absence, you can spread out (intersperse) your use of paid leave by using eight hours of leave in a month for up to four months so that your health insurance can continue during those months.

If you receive UW paid health insurance and you meet Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) eligibility requirements, you will receive employer paid health insurance coverage, except for premiums or co-pays, for up to 12 weeks of FMLA covered leave, even if you are on leave without pay. If you do not have sufficient paid leave to cover your absence and you are not FMLA eligible, you will have to self-pay to continue health insurance coverage.


Plan for Health Insurance Coverage While On Leave

Determine whether you have enough paid leave to ensure continued health insurance coverage while on leave; if not, see the self-pay webpage.

If you need help understanding your benefits eligibility or how to make sure that you have continued benefits coverage, you can contact the Benefits & Work/Life Office at 206-543-2800.