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Layoff Support Resources
Leave & Payroll


Unused Leave, Personal Holiday and Compensatory Time

Annual Leave

The University pays you for any eligible unused annual leave in accordance with the provisions and limits of your employment program. Depending on payroll cut-off dates and when your last day of employment is, you will receive terminal leave payment when your department has validated your leave balances and submitted leave payment authorization to the Payroll Office.

Leave payment is based upon your regular salary and your leave balance as of your last day of University employment. Each employment program has established a maximum annual leave balance that employees may carry and for which they may receive payment. Find your employment program below:

Contract-Classified Staff
You will be paid for eligible, unused annual leave balance if you have completed either a probationary period or at least six months of continuous employment, whichever is specified in the employee’s contract.
Classified Non-Union Staff
You will be paid for eligible, unused annual leave balance if you have been employed at least six months.
Professional Staff
You will be paid for unused annual leave balance up to a maximum 240 hours.

Sick Leave

There is no payment for unused sick leave. However, if you return to state employment within the specified grace period (five years for classified non-union; three years for all other employment programs), your sick leave balance at the time of layoff will be restored.

Personal Holiday

Your unused floating Personal Holiday does not get paid out so make sure to use your Personal Holiday before your employment ends.

Discretionary Leave

If you are a professional staff employee and have unused discretionary leave you will not be paid for it and it does not transfer to other state employers. You should use discretionary leave before your UW employment ends.

Compensatory (Comp) Time and Holiday Comp Time

You will be paid for unused comp time and holiday comp time.

Payroll Matters

Depending on the effective date of your layoff you will receive your final, regular paycheck on the next payroll date or the one after it.

Payment for annual leave and compensatory times requires that your departmental timekeeper and payroll coordinator complete record keeping and submit authorization for terminal leave payment to the payroll office.

Automatic Payroll Deductions

If you have automatic payroll deductions for loans, insurance, or savings plans, you will need to contact the appropriate entities to make alternative arrangements if you are separated from employment.

If you rely on automatic deductions from your bank account to pay bills, you may need to stop or adjust the automatic deductions when you no longer receive UW payroll deposits.

Combined Fund Drive Deductions: Combined Fund Drive contributions will automatically end with your last paycheck. If you want to end contributions early, email the UW CFD office at

Layoff Support Resources