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Layoff Support Resources


Fee-Exempt and Fee-Reduced Quarterly Courses

If you are a UW employee who has received an official layoff notification letter and you are in active layoff status, you are eligible to register for certain fee-exempt and fee-reduced courses which are listed on the course registration form. (Ask your HR Consultant if you have any questions about your layoff status.)

To register for a fee-exempt or fee-reduced course.

NOTE: If you are in active layoff status, you are welcome to register for any POD Quarterly Courses but will pay the regular fees for any course that is not listed on the registration form as fee-exempt or fee-reduced.

Job Search Resources

By actively pursuing a job search, you may be able to secure another position at the UW or elsewhere prior to the effective date of the layoff.

UW Jobs

The current economic situation has reduced, but not eliminated, the number of available UW jobs. Create or update your candidate profile at the UW's employment website if you have not done so, and search for jobs. Consider exploring temporary employment opportunities at the University.


WorkSource is a partnership of the Employment Security Department and other state, local and nonprofit agencies. WorkSource offers a wide array of free employment and training services to state residents. Services are available after your last day of employment, and include:

Find your nearest WorkSource office online or in the White Pages of your phonebook.

TIP: Need online access for your job search? Computer kiosks are available at most public libraries and at UW libraries.

TIP: Networking can be an invaluable resource when facing layoff. Webster's Dictionary defines networking as "The act or process of informally sharing information or support, especially among members of a professional group." Networking is really who you know and, more importantly, who knows you. What contacts do you already have? How can you develop more?

Layoff Support Resources