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Professional Staff Layoff

This information is designed to help UW professional staff understand how the layoff process is administered in accordance with the University of Washington Professional Staff Program. Your unit's Human Resources Consultant is available to answer questions about the layoff process.

Layoff refers to a position's elimination because of a lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization. A reduction in percent time or in number of months worked per year does not constitute a layoff so long as the position remains benefits eligible.

The employing unit determines when a layoff is necessary and notifies Human Resources. Your unit's Human Resources Consultant is responsible for coordinating the layoff process.

Layoff Notice

Professional staff employees receive 30 days written notice of layoff.

Reversion Rights to Classified Service

If you moved to your professional staff position directly from an eligible classified position and are notified that you will be laid off, you may be eligible to revert to the highest classified position previously held. You must notify your HR Operations Office that you wish to return to the classified service no later than 30 calendar days following the effective date of you layoff as a professional staff employee.

Considerations for Employees with Position Reductions

If your position is reduced in percent time, your University provided insurance coverage continues as normal as long as your appointment is 50% or greater. If your appointment is reduced in the number of months worked per year, visit the Benefits website to learn about insurance continuation.

If you have automatic payroll deductions, you may need to examine them to ensure that the amounts are appropriate for any change in monthly salary you experience, and that you make payments during any months where you will not receive a pay check.