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Interview Basics

Key points to remember

Strategies for success

STAR method for answering interview questions

Situation * Task * Action * Result - Include these elements to tell a compelling story about what you have done that demonstrates your transferable skills. The STAR method works best for behavior-based questions that begin with "Tell me about a time when…" or "Describe a situation when…," but this approach is good to use whenever you find yourself sharing an example in response to a question.

Make sure to focus on what your role was when you are describing a team project. Don't forget to give a result or outcome. Even if the outcome wasn't positive, be prepared to discuss what you learned and what you would have done differently.

Types of interviews

Questions to ask at the time of interview

The best questions to ask allow you to:

Don't ask about:

These topics are more appropriate to discuss when you are offered the job and you know that the employer wants you to join their organization. If you discuss these topics prior to the job offer, the employer may think you are more interested in what the job has to offer you rather than the job itself.

Final Tips


Send a thank you letter. A thank you letter expresses appreciation, demonstrates professionalism, allows you to restate how your skills and background match the position, and affirms your interest and enthusiasm about the job. It also gives you an opportunity to add anything that is relevant to the position, but which you forgot or didn't have a chance to share during the interview. If you were interviewed by a panel, send a thank you letter to each member of the panel. A thank you letter also helps you stand out from the crowd!


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Tips for Workers with Disabilities:


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