ISSUE 18 • MARCH 2011

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Review Your PUC Work List

Based on a recent report, we have discovered that many records haven't been updated for over five years. In some cases, this is because an individual has left UW employment.

Please review your employee work list. If records aren't up-to-date, make them current or end them if the individual has separated or no longer works in your department.

Professional Staff Annual Leave Considerations

Human Resources recently notified departments of professional staff employees who have annual leave balances above 240 hours.

As a timekeeper, you can help employees and supervisors be mindful of annual leave balances by reminding them to check monthly email PERMs or directing them to Employee Self-Service (ESS). Additionally, you may want to periodically run an OWLS report to view the leave balances for all staff in your payroll unit code (PUC).

As you know, while professional staff employees don't forfeit annual leave in excess of 240 hours on their anniversary date, they are paid for annual leave balances up to a maximum of 240 hours upon separation from the University. At that time, any excess hours above 240 are forfeited.

Timekeepers on the Move

If you plan to move from your position as timekeeper, before departing take the following steps to ensure a smooth transition for the new timekeeper.

  1. Update all OWLS records in the unit. All records should be current. Note any unresolved issues with records.

  2. Ensure that someone else audits all OWLS records in the unit and enters an audit note in OWLS.

  3. Request that your department head remove your timekeeper access to OWLS.

FMLA and Holidays

When an employee is on an extended paid or unpaid leave that is covered by the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), holidays that occur during that period of time should be designated as part of the total time on FMLA-covered leave.

In OWLS, for paid leave situations, you will need to enter hours of holiday credit accrued ("HA") as well as hours of holiday credit used, being sure to click on the FMLA properties box. This then will appear as holiday credit - FMLA ("HUF"). The two entries will cancel each other out, but will count hours toward the FMLA entitlement.

For unpaid leave, the entry of leave without pay that is covered by FMLA ("LF") counts toward the total time on FMLA-covered leave.

More Mythbusters

The Myth: Classified staff employees occupying one 50% appointment can accrue a maximum of 120 hours of annual leave.

BUSTED!An employee in one 50% appointment can accrue a maximum annual leave balance of 240 hours. However, an employee occupying two 50% appointments can accrue a combined maximum annual leave balance of only 240 hours. If you are the timekeeper for a 50% classified staff employee who also has another 50% appointment, it is very important that both you and the timekeeper for the other record work together to monitor the annual leave balances.

The Myth: The date on which an employee separates from University employment makes no difference.

BUSTED!A separating employee may not separate on a holiday or a weekend day (normal non-scheduled day) if the employee is not actually scheduled to work on that day. Employees leaving the University should have their actual last day be a regular day of scheduled work or scheduled paid leave.

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