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Professional Staff Program
Discretionary Leave

Discretionary Leave is paid time off work that a department or division head may award to a professional staff employee to recognize noteworthy achievement and work effort that have significantly contributed to the unit's mission, goals and/or objectives. Up to six days of discretionary leave may be awarded per calendar year.

Authorization and Record Keeping

  1. The supervisor prepares a written request to the department/division head that explains:
    1. The nature and duration of the assignment for which discretionary leave is to be awarded; and,
    2. The number of days of discretionary leave that are recommended (maximum of six days per calendar year).
  2. The department/division head reviews the request and approves, denies or modifies the discretionary leave award.
  3. If approved, a copy of the approval is retained in the employee's department file to support entries made in the UW Online Work Leave System (OWLS), or other authorized leave tracking system.

Discretionary Leave Use

Discretionary leave should be used soon after it is awarded, and it must be used before vacation leave. Discretionary leave must be used by December 31 of each year, or it will be lost and deducted from the record unless an extension is preauthorized by the appropriate vice president or dean. An extension may not exceed 90 days. Unused discretionary leave may not be paid and does not transfer to a new organizational unit.