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Professional Staff Program
Ending Employment


  • Resignation
  • Layoff


When a professional staff employee resigns from University employment, the employee should provide a minimum of two weeks of notice whenever possible.

Layoff-Reduction In Force

When a Professional Staff appointment is to be terminated due to lack of funds, lack of work, and/or reorganization, the affected employee should receive as much advance, informal notice of the layoff as feasible.  Professional staff must receive a minimum of 30 days written notice of layoff from the appointing authority or designee. Appendix D explains the process employing units must follow to initiate layoff.

Corrective Action and Termination of Employment

Appointment Status describes the at will nature of professional staff appointments.

For University-initiated terminations that do not result from layoff or disability separation, the Appointing Authority will determine how much notice is given. The employee will be notified in writing of the effective date of termination.

Termination from the University for unsatisfactory performance can be preceded by lesser corrective measures as the employing official determines are appropriate.

Reversion Rights to Classified Service

Washington State Civil Service Law (RCW 41.06.070) provides that a permanent classified employee who accepts an appointment in a position that is exempt from civil service has the right, at the conclusion of the exempt appointment, to "revert" to the highest class of position previously held, or to a position of similar nature and salary. An employee in an exempt appointment who is terminated for gross misconduct or malfeasance is not eligible for any reversion rights the employee would have otherwise had.

Professional staff employees who have reversion rights, must request to exercise them within 30 days of the termination of the exempt appointment.