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Professional Staff Program


  • Insurance
  • Retirement


Professional staff participate in University sponsored medical, dental, term life, and long term disability insurance programs. Professional staff may participate in other benefit and insurance programs to meet the employee's unique needs. See the Benefits Home Page for links to other benefit programs.

Insurance Coverage During Family and Medical Leave or Leave Without Pay

The University will continue the employee's existing employer-paid health insurance benefits during the period of leave covered by Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employees who do not meet FMLA eligibility criteria, or whose disability leave extends beyond their FMLA coverage, will continue their employer paid health insurance coverage if they return to payroll status for eight hours each month by using accrued leave (sick leave may be used only during periods of disability).

Employees on unpaid leave who wish to retain benefits that require payroll deductions must contact the Benefits Office.


Professional staff employed by the University on or after June 10, 1993 are eligible to participate in the University of Washington Retirement Plan (UWRP) from the initial date of hire. Participation must begin by the second anniversary of the date of hire. Newly hired professional staff, or current staff who promote or are reclassified into professional staff positions, who have existing Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) accounts, should contact the Benefits Office for special enrollment options.

Employees are eligible to retire when they have met the criteria of their specific retirement plan.

Social Security

Professional staff employees and the University both contribute matching premiums to Social Security in accordance with the current premium schedule. Participation begins immediately upon employment.

Working After Retirement

Upon recommendation of the employee's supervisor and with the approval of the appropriate dean or vice president, employees may be re-employed by the University after retirement subject to the requirements of their specific retirement plan.

Other Benefits

Professional staff employees are eligible to participate in education, recreation, cultural, transportation and other programs. See the Benefits web page for information and links.