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Editing a Submitted Month


In the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS), once an employee’s time is entered for a month and the month is submitted, Post Entry Review Messages (PERMs) are sent to the employee and the supervisor for review. If necessary, previously submitted months can be reopened for editing when changes need to be made. Editing a previous month will require resubmitting the month and sending revised PERMs.


To edit calendar entries in previously submitted months, open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1. From the open month, navigate to the month  you wish to edit either by using the monthly drop down or by clicking back to  the month.

2. When you have located the completed month  that you wish to edit, click “Edit This Month.”  This will reopen the month and  all subsequent calendar months for editing.

3. Before you have finished editing the calendar entries, be sure to enter a note explaining the changes.

4. Then click on “Submit Month and Send PERMs” to resubmit the month for review by the employee and supervisor(s).


To learn about making calendar entries to the monthly calendar, visit the Making Calendar Entries page.

Reopening previously completed months will require you to resubmit PERMs for those months.