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Making Calendar Entries
Holiday Credit Accrued



There are 11 paid holidays per year - ten designated holidays and one personal holiday.

For a full-time employee a holiday is worth eight (8) hours. For part-time employees, the holiday hour value is pro rated based on the employee's percent of full time.

If a holiday falls on a day the employee is scheduled to work fewer hours than the value of the holiday, the employee receives holiday credit for the difference. This results in holiday credit hours that the employee can arrange to take off at a later date.

If a holiday falls on a day that the employee is scheduled to work more hours than the value of the holiday, the employee will need to use leave or flex their schedule in order to make up the difference in time between the hour value of the holiday and the hours the employee was scheduled to work. The following table provides examples of these holiday time keeping considerations.

Visit the Holiday Leave Record Keeping webpage for holiday/work examples.

All accrued holiday credit must be used or paid annually.

Classified staff employees must use the holiday credit, or be paid by the following deadlines:
Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center…………………….September 30
All other units……………………………………………………………………………June 30

The balance of unused holiday credit should be used or paid if an employee moves from one staff position to another within the University or when separating from University employment.

Holiday credit accrual must be posted in the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS).


When a Holiday Falls on the Employee’s Scheduled Day Off (Holiday Credit Accrued)

To record holiday credit accrued (for the holiday that fell on the employee's scheduled day off), open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1.  Highlight the holiday. 2. Choose "HA (Holiday Credit Accrued)"  from the leave designation options. 3.  Enter the appropriate number of hours (e.g. 8=100%, 4=50%).

4. Press the "Update Calendar" button. This will post the holiday credit in the  “Earned” box.


View the University’s holiday calendar.

To learn more about the personal holiday, please visit the Personal Holiday page.

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