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Changing an Employee’s Work Schedule


An employee’s work schedule is a designated period of work days and work hours consistent with the employee’s percent FTE. This should be noted on the weekly time sheet and must be entered in the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS). An employee’s work schedule falls during the work week, which is a fixed and regularly recurring period of 7 consecutive 24-hour periods (168 hours). The work week is designated by the employer and may begin on any day of the week and any hour of the day; it does not need to coincide with the calendar week.

Employees may have different types of work schedules: scheduled, alternate scheduled, non-scheduled, and excepted.

Your department will determine the employee’s work schedule – one of the types listed above - based on such factors as operational necessity or employee convenience.


To enter or change a work schedule, open the employee’s OWLS record, and perform the following steps:

1. Click on the “Schedule/FTE/Svc.Per.”  tab at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the “Edit”  button for the “Work Schedule” section.

3. Verify the start  date and time of the work week, and correct, as appropriate. 4. Enter the  effective start date of the new work schedule. 5. Enter the new scheduled work  hours per day. If the schedule spans two weeks, check the box “if Week 2 differs  from Week 1,” and enter the schedule for work days in the second week. 6. Click  “Save” and close the window. Read the informational message and click “Save”  again.

7. Click on “Quick Schedule Fill” to quickly populate the month with the employee's regular schedule.

8. Make entry corrections to reflect any leave use.

9. Click on “Submit Month and Send PERM,” if the change is retroactive.


To view the excepted work period job classes, visit the UW Classified Staff Compensation Plan and look for the "EX" designation under the "Overtime Elg." Column.

Overtime and FLSA Timekeeping webpage

When making a schedule change and/or an FTE change in OWLS, the calendar month(s) from the effective date forward will always be erased, and you will need to re-enter the actual daily details based on the corrected FTE or schedule.

If entries have already been made to a month that needs to be changed, it is recommended that you print a copy of the month or months affected before making the actual schedule or FTE change.

When entering the work week begin time, be sure to build in a cushion on either side of an employee’s work week because of overtime implications.