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Changing the Anniversary Date


An employee’s anniversary date is the most recent date of hire into a salaried, leave bearing appointment without a break in service. Leaves of absence without pay or movement within the UW or among state employers without a break will not change the anniversary date. It is important to check this date when applying the 240 annual leave rule for classified staff.

Faculty converting to a professional staff appointment without a break in service maintain their first day in the faculty appointment as their anniversary date for accrual rate purposes.

If an employee’s Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) record reflects an incorrect anniversary date, it will need to be changed by the timekeeper.


To change the anniversary date, open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1.' Click on the 'Profile' tab. 2. Click on the 'Edit Employee Profile' button.

3. Change the anniversary date.  4. Click 'Save.'

Please be aware that clicking the "Save" button will cause the record to be "rolled back" to the beginning of the current, active record. All months will have to be re-submitted and PERMs will be re-sent to the employee and supervisor(s).


To learn about the 240 annual leave maximum rule for classified staff, please visit HR’s Annual Leave webpages for either contract classified or classified non-union staff.