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Updating an Employee’s Job Classification


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When an employee is promoted, has a job title change, or is otherwise reclassified within your department, his/her job classification (job class code, job title) is changed in OPUS. Whenever such a change is made in OPUS, a corresponding change must be made in the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS). Appointment information is not automatically changed in OWLS because the payroll system and OWLS do not “speak” with each other.

Because the two systems do not communicate, it is necessary that both the payroll coordinator and timekeeper are aware of appointment changes to ensure that both OPUS and OWLS are updated.  For ease of notification, some departments add their OWLS timekeeper as an OPUS PERM reviewer.


Take the following steps to change an employee's job classification in OWLS:

  1. Because corrections cannot be made once a record is ended, first audit the OWLS record and enter an audit note.
  2. End the OWLS record with the end record date that matches the end date of the appointment as listed in OPUS. Use the reason, "Moving or reclassified to another leave bearing appointment at the UW."
  3. Create a new OWLS record and click "Yes" when asked whether you'd like to use the balances retained from the previous position.