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Entering Prior State Service Credit


Employees who have worked previously for the UW or another Washington state agency in monthly-paid positions are eligible to receive credit toward a higher annual leave accrual rate based upon overall length of state service. Additionally, these employees may also be eligible to reinstate a previous balance of sick leave. An employee's eligibility for sick leave reinstatement will depend on his/her employment type and how long he/she has been separated from qualifying state service.

In order to receive credit for prior service, employees must complete the Request for Crediting of Previous Washington State Employment form (pdf version) and submit it for review and processing by their department's area HR Operations office. Once the request is authorized, it is the responsibility of both the employee and the department to ensure that the employee's Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) record is adjusted to reflect the information provided on the completed crediting form. The crediting form is a supporting document, and must be filed and retained according to the retention schedule.

If prior service credit is less than 48 months, the employee's initial annual leave rate will not change immediately. When total combined service, past and present, reaches 49 months, the annual leave accrual rate and accrual month in the OWLS will be automatically changed to reflect this credit.


Entering Prior Service Credit into OWLS

When you receive the approved request form from HR, you will need to make the adjustment in OWLS. To do this, open the employee's record and perform the following steps:

1. Click on the 'Balance Change' tab. 2. Click on 'Prior Service Credit.'

3. Enter sick leave hours to be reinstated into the 'Sick Leave Hours' field. 4. Enter the number of months in the 'Previous State Service' field. 5. Click 'Save.'

6. Review the summary of changes.

7. If you need to make another adjustment, click on the 'Make Another Adjustment' button, and choose the appropriate option. 8. When you are finished making adjustments, click on the 'Next Step – Update First Affected Month (mm/yyyy)' button to return to the first month affected by the  prior service credit change.

9. Click the 'Submit Month and Send PERM' button to re-submit each month to be updated with the correct accrual rates and leave balances.


To learn more about crediting of prior state employment, visit the Prior Service Credit page.

If you need to request prior service credit, download the Request for Crediting of Previous Washington State Employment form.