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Entering Annual Attendance Incentive Program Payment


The Annual Attendance Incentive Program provides payment for a portion of unused sick leave accumulated but not used. The Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) entry of payment will always be effective January 1 of the current year.

Employees wishing to be paid for unused sick leave must complete the “Request for Payment of Year-End Unused Sick Leave” form and have it approved. As a timekeeper, it is your responsibility to ensure that the employee’s OWLS record is adjusted to reflect the information provided on the completed form. The “Request for Payment … ” form is a supporting document and must be filed and retained according to the retention schedule.


To enter the sick leave hours being converted to payment, open the employee’s record and take the following steps:

1. Click on 'Balance Change.' 2. Click on 'Annual Attendance Incentive Program (Sick Leave).'

3. Enter the number of hours cashed out. 4. Make an entry in the Note section, such as 'Cash out of sick leave hours unused in 2005.' 5. Sign and date the note. 6. Click 'Save.'

7. If the balance adjustment has been successfully processed, you will see a confirmation screen. If an error message is displayed, please recheck the hours requested for payment to ensure all hours are eligible, make corrections, and resubmit.

8. Click on the “Calendar” tab.

9. If the posting of the payment is retroactive, re-release all previous months by clicking on the “Submit Month and Send PERMS” button.


To learn more about the Annual Attendance Incentive Program, visit the Annual Attendance Incentive Program webpage.

Download the “Request for Payment of Year-End Unused Sick Leave” form.

TIP - Before submitting the request for payment to Payroll, we encourage you to enter the payment first in OWLS to ensure that the number of hours to be paid is correct.