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Viewing an Employee Record


After logging in to the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) as a supervisor and selecting an employee record, the Balances screen will automatically appear. Clicking on the various tabs across the top of this screen allows you to view other informational screens for this employee.

View of employee record with tabs highlighted.

Employee List

This tab allows you to return to the list of employees for whom you are assigned as supervisor in OWLS.


The daily work and leave hours are entered by your unit’s timekeeper in the calendar view of OWLS.

There are various codes used for work and leave entry. If you are unsure what a code stands for, please review the chart in the Making Calendar Entries page or click the “Show/Hide Leave Types” button that is located on the calendar screen.

Schedule/FTE/Service Period

An employee’s work schedule, FTE, and service period are displayed through this tab.


The employee’s monthly leave accruals, use, and balances of paid leave are displayed through the Balances tab. Clicking on a month allows you to view the calendar entries for that month.

From this screen you are able to create a printable yearly summary.


An employee’s anniversary date, UW hire date, annual leave accrual month, months of leave without pay, probationary or trial period dates, months of prior service credit, and name of supervisor(s) are displayed through this tab.


Because supervisor access is read-only, any errors, discrepancies, or questions about an employee’s OWLS record should be directed to your unit’s timekeeper.

Supervisors have the ability to view employee records and perform the following actions: