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OWLS Access Request

Many department administrators are authorized to grant OWLS timekeeper and administrator access for their unit(s). If you are unsure, check here to determine who can authorize access to your department's Payroll Unit Code (PUC).

If your search doesn't return any results, your department's administrator may not be authorized to grant access directly. As such, he/she should request OWLS system access by completing the appropriate online form below.

OWLS access requests must be completed and submitted by the department administrator. Requests submitted by someone other than the administrator cannot be completed. All information with an * is required in ordered for OWLS system access to be approved.

Requesting Administrator/Director Information
First Name*
Last Name*
Email Address*
Work Phone*
Check this box to confirm that the person completing this form is the same person as the person named above.*
OWLS User Information
OWLS Training is a prerequisite for obtaining OWLS access. Confirm OWLS Training Status. Must select One

See OWLS Training Information

First Name*
Last Name*
Employee ID
Employee Work Phone
Please enter any Payroll Unit Codes this user should have access to. At least one is required.

Type of access needed. Must select at least one*.

Specify OWLS system(s) this person needs to access?*
NOTE - Training System access does not include production system access.

Optional Comments