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Reasonable Suspicion Testing

When Reasonable Suspicion Testing is Required

Reasonable suspicion testing is required when the supervisor has reasonable cause to believe that a CDL driver may be impaired as a result of drug or alcohol use. The supervisor's assessment is based on personal observation of the driver's behavior.

Behavioral observations may include:

Where possible, the supervisor's observation should be corroborated by another person.

Employing Unit Responsibilities

  1. Document in writing the behaviors that gave rise to the suspicion that the employee is under the influence of drug and/or alcohol.
    1. If there is a witness, have the witness document his/her observations.
  2. Complete the Test Authorization Form which instructs the laboratory that both drug and alcohol tests are to be performed.
  3. Transport the employee to immediately the collection site. Take the FEDERAL DRUG TESTING CUSTODY AND CONTROL FORM and the completed Test Authorization Form and and present both forms to the technician or receptionist.
    1. Note that some labs only do drug tests and others to both drug and alcohol tests. be sure to send the employee to a lab that does both drug and alcohol testing.
  4. The employee must NOT be given advance notification of the test.
  5. The employee may not refuse or defer the test.
  6. If an employee refuses for any reason to go for a test, the refusal must be treated as a positive test. Contact your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) immediately.
  7. If an employee informs you that he/she expects to test positive for drugs or alcohol the employee must be sent for testing but do not allow the employee to drive him/herself to the collection site. Contact your HRC immediately.
  8. Arrange transportation for the driver to the collection site. Do not let the driver drive him or her self to the collection site.
  9. Notify your unit's HRC.
  10. Maintain records relating to post accident testing in accordance with Records Retention and Confidentiality.
    1. This includes documentation as to the reason that reasonable suspicion testing was required.
  11. Notify your unit's HRC of the employee's test results.

Test Results

Test results are reported in the same manner as for random testing.