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Positive Test Action Requirements

What Having a Positive Drug or Alcohol Test Result Means

For a positive alcohol test to be reported two consecutive breath alcohol tests performed 15 minutes apart must both be positive.

A positive drug test is reported when:

  1. A positive initial urine screening test has been confirmed by a second, more sensitive laboratory test; and,
  2. The medical review officer (MRO) confirms the positive laboratory test by talking with (or making a reasonable attempt to talk with) the employee to determine whether there is any other explanation for the positive laboratory test besides the improper use of drugs.

The medical review officer only reports a positive test to our contractor when he or she determines that the positive drug test results from drug use that violates Department of Transportation regulations.

How Employing Units Are Notified of an employee's Positive Drug or Alcohol Test

Positive breath alcohol test:

Positive breath alcohol test results are known immediately by the test technician and the technician site will contact the employing unit that sent the employee for the testing.

Positive drug test:

Our contractor reports positive drug tests to the employing unit and to Human Resources program administrator.

Employing Unit Responsibilities

An employing unit notified by the test site of a positive breath alcohol test must arrange for the employee's transportation back to work. The employee may not be allowed to drive a University vehicle following a positive breath alcohol test.

For a positive breath alcohol or drug test the employing unit must immediately remove the driver from safety sensitive work, including CDL driving responsibilities. With the assistance of the unit's Human Resources Consultant (HRC), the requirements of University policy are implemented, including:

  1. Immediate removal from safety sensitive work.
  2. Referral to the University approved substance abuse professional (SAP).
  3. Taking appropriate corrective action.

Records relating to positive tests must be maintained as described in Records Retention and Confidentiality.

Employee Responsibilities

An employee informed of a positive breath alcohol test or a positive urine drug test must immediately notify his or her supervisor and remove him or her self from safety sensitive work, including CDL driving responsibilities.

The employee is responsible for following University policy regarding drug and alcohol testing and for cooperating with University officials who have responsibility for policy implementation.

Options Under University Policy

University policy provides for corrective action as a result of a positive drug or alcohol test, including dismissal. If the employee has not had other positive tests, the employee will generally be allowed to participate in a treatment program as specified by the University's Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Until the SAP releases the employee for return to work, the employee must not be allowed to perform safety sensitive work as defined by Department of Transportation Regulations. Work and/or leave options during treatment must be determined on an individual basis for each employee undergoing treatment. Contact your unit's HRC for assistance.