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Career Development
Career Exploration

Find Out What's Next

Your first step in career planning may be to ask where you'd like your work to take you. The UW and other employers have developed tools to help you learn about your strengths and preferences, as well as about career possibilities and the potential for employment in different fields. Use the websites listed here to start exploring your options.

More on Career Exploration

Employment at the University of Washington
Browsing open positions at the UW can help you find jobs that match your skills, but you may also discover careers that appeal to you and identify job skills that are in high demand.

Employment in Higher Education
Explore opportunities in higher education within the state of Washington at the Washington Employment Web Pages. Check out positions nationwide at The University Jobs.

Jobs with the State of Washington
Find out which skills are in demand by searching job openings with Washington State government.

Career Services for UW Alumni
UW alumni can use the WorkSource Washington website to search for positions, and members of the UW Alumni Association have access to a variety of web-based career exploration tools and job listings.