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Session Descriptions

Morning Workshops

Own Your Brand; Showcase Your Value — Session Full

Lynne Lazaroff, M.S.; Training & Organizational Development Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development & Peg Marckworth, M.S.W.; Marckworth Associates

Creating an Effective Workplace Culture — Session Full

Art Frohwerk; University of Washington Consulting Alliance

Discovering Your Leadership Qualities

Ujima Donalson, M.Ed.; Director, Professional & Organizational Development

Whether or not you aspire to go into management, you may often take the lead on projects, oversee processes, or run meetings. Effectively stepping into a leadership role calls for many different skills, including heightened self-awareness. Through exploratory tools and activities,  assess your own default leadership style and evaluate your leadership motivation and potential. This interactive workshop also looks at flexing your style and applying situational leadership to improve your effectiveness and success.

Post-Lunch Sessions

The Pursuit of Happiness

Chuck Pratt, MS; University of Washington Consulting Alliance

While we may have differing notions about what makes us happy and how to be happier, we all probably have one thing in common: we want more of it. As it turns out, happiness isn’t a trivial pursuit; studies show a meaningful relationship between happiness, emotional intelligence, and overall mental health. In this session, challenge your preconceived notions of happiness, assess your level of happiness, and learn strategies for enhancing your happiness.

The Power of the Beat

Linda Callecod; Senior Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

Experience truly being part of something greater than yourself. This facilitated drum circle provides a kinesthetic experience that puts abstract concepts like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership at your fingertips. Participating in a drum circle doesn’t require any musical ability or experience; anyone can join in and receive immediate recognition of your contributions. Through both structured and improvisational exercises, practice bringing your best self to the table, feel the power of a synergized team, and experience how leadership can emerge from any level. This dynamic session promises a fun-filled 90 minutes of sound, motion, and discovery.

Leverage Your Learning — Session Full

Joey Pauley, MA; University of Washington Consulting Alliance

Afternoon Sessions

Don’t Just Do It, Get It Done! — Session Full

Susan Templeton, M.Ed.; Training and Organizational Development Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

Healthy Habits for Busy People

Courtenay Schurman, MS, NSCA-CSCS; Body Results

This interactive session focuses on integrating wellness into your everyday routine. Learn realistic, practical, and fun ways to stay active and healthy, even on your busiest days! With the guidance of personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, explore workouts that don’t require a gym, practice chair exercises that can be done at work, learn five healthy eating habits based on solid nutritional principals, and consider the benefits of nurturing yourself and your sense of well-being.

Tell Me More: Tips for Successful Networking — Session Full

David VanDeusen; Training and Development Specialist; Professional & Organizational Development

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