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Session Descriptions

Morning Workshops

Tuning Into Pop Culture

Eric Davis; Educational Consultant, Professor E Productions

We’re so immersed in popular culture—from Facebook to football to the evening news—we might not stop to consider how it affects our attitudes and perceptions and our society at large. This interactive session is for people interested in social awareness and in being the change they want to see in the world. It will use music videos and discussion to “tune in” to the impacts of popular culture. What affect have the 24-hour news cycle and cyber-bullying had on current social ills? Have aggressive video games and volatile YouTube clips helped create a culture where violence is commonplace? And the most important question is: What can we do about all of this?

Finding Joy

Linda Callecod; Senior Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

Looking for more joie de vivre? By giving your mindset a makeover, you can learn to rise above negativity, enrich your enjoyment of life, and deepen your capacity for joy. In this interactive session, explore the differences between joy and happiness, identify areas of your life where you can apply joy principles, discover strategies for working through sadness and disappointment, and begin to develop a new vocabulary that elevates your expectations and experiences.

The Power of Influence

Ujima Donalson, M.Ed.; Director, Professional & Organizational Development

Are you interested in making the most of what you have to offer? Simple yet intentional shifts in how we interact with others and present ourselves can transform our ability to influence those around us, generate personal power, and pave the way for success. In this interactive workshop, learn positive influence techniques, explore different spheres of influence and power, and discover the crucial connection between how you carry yourself, your self-perception, your behavior, and the outcomes you’re able to achieve.

Optional Lunch Session

Whole U Meet-Up

Rob Lindsley; Director, The Whole U

Take the first half-hour of the ninety-minute lunch break to mingle with fellow participants, meet new people, and hear from Rob Lindsley, the director of UW’s innovative Whole U program, at this optional session.

Post-Lunch Workshops

Breaking Through With Improv — Session Full

Julian Schrenzel; Chief Spontaneity Officer, Improv-Alive

For the curious and the daring—and for those ready to make a breakthrough. This 90-minute workshop is designed to help you break habits that block your full potential and hinder your communication with friends, family, and co-workers. Explore improvisation as used in live comedy and theater to sharpen your ear, mind, and body; elevate your ability to work and play on a team; and unearth your leadership strengths.

Beyond Broccoli: Eating for Energy, Immunity, and Vitality

Kory DeAngelo, MS RD, Clinical Nutritionist

Need more energy? Through with frequent flus that leave you feeling less than 100%? The solution may lie in your diet! What we eat affects how we think, feel, and perform. The bounty of nutrients we get from eating vibrant foods can bolster our immune systems, boost our brain power, and support our energy during a busy work day. Join us for this fun and interactive workshop and learn which foods can help keep you humming along from the inside out. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

Althea Brandis, MA, LMHC; UW CareLink

Difficult people can turn ordinary days upside down, disrupting you and your work—and sometimes even taking situations to an alarming level. How can you keep calm and carry on? In this workshop, learn strategies to remain cool and collected when dealing with challenging co-workers or other people, practice role-playing to address violent behavior, and deepen your understanding of effective communication and good listening skills.

Afternoon Workshops

Let's Make a Deal — Session Full

Amy Hawkins; Training and Organizational Development Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

Whether you’re trying to negotiate a raise, more time to complete a project, or where to go for lunch, we all spend a fair amount of time wheeling and dealing to get what we need or want. In this fast-paced session, explore different types of negotiation, learn essential negotiation skills, discover strategies for overcoming roadblocks, and practice basic bargaining techniques.

Optimal Sleep / Abundant Energy

Dr. Catherine Darley, Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine / Dr. Derek Strachan, Divine Spine Chiropractic

We all want to do our best at work—and still have energy left over for our personal lives—but we’re often too drained to do more than just get by. This lively session is split between two topics, providing two fresh takes for tackling this problem. The first half, Optimal Sleep, examines how good sleep improves all types of performance—from physical coordination to mental acuity. Discover key strategies for getting the sleep that you need to be at the top of your game. The second half, Abundant Energy, offers powerful yet straightforward tips for improving your energy level and revitalizing your life. Examine what increases your energy—and what drains it—and gain tools that can be applied immediately to positively impact your life.

Creating Connections — Session Full

Susan Templeton, M.Ed.; Training and Organizational Development Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

Much of the work that we do relies upon relationships, and the connections we have with others play an important role not just in finding a job but in getting our everyday work done more successfully. In this session, learn appropriate networking strategies for various situations, explore ways to step outside of your comfort zone while remaining true to yourself, and acquire networking tips geared towards those with more expressive and more quiet communication styles.

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