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*** Please note: This event is open to all UW staff in support positions at all campuses and medical centers, including classified, professional, hourly, and temporary staff. ***

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Price $275

The registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a full day of events.

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Paying by check? Please print this page and fill out the form. Make checks out to "University of Washington" in the amount of $317.90*. Mail your check and registration form to Professional & Organizational Development, Box 359487.

*Payments by cash, check, or credit card must be assessed a 15.6% institutional overhead fee as required by the University.

Select Your Sessions

Morning Workshops:

Own Your Brand; Showcase Your Value - Session Full
Creating an Effective Workplace Culture - Session Full
Discovering Your Leadership Qualities

Post-Lunch Workshops:

The Pursuit of Happiness
The Power of the Beat
Leverage Your Learning - Session Full

Afternoon Workshops:

Don’t Just Do It, Get It Done! - Session Full
Healthy Habits for Busy People
Tell Me More: Tips for Successful Networking - Session Full


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