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Roosevelt Commons Use and Policy Info

Hours of Operation/Staffing

For meetings scheduled between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday-Friday, a building representative of our choosing will be on the premises to answer any questions and assist with any emergencies. In certain cases you may be given phone numbers in lieu of a building representative. For meetings that begin before 7:30 am or end after 5:30 pm, the presence of a building representative will be negotiated and may involve additional costs.

All guests must be out of the facility and off the premises by the time indicated on the Reservation Form. Any clean up taking place after this time must be specifically arranged with the building representative.

Payment Terms (for those paying by check)

A deposit equaling 50% of the total fee will be collected at the time of confirmation. The balance of the rental charges is due in the POD Office (4300 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA 98195-4692, Box 354692) no later than 24 hours (or the last business day) before the event. Once the Reservation Form is submitted and you receive confirmation, a $25 processing fee will be charged for all cancellations. Cancellation within 13 - 8 working days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of the deposit; cancellation 7 or fewer working days prior to the event will result in a forfeiture of the deposit and billing for the balance entire rental amount. All checks should be made payable to the University of Washington.

Payment by UW Budget Number or Purchase Order

Appropriate charges will be billed directly to your organization after the event. Appropriate authorization documentation or a copy of the purchase order must be received by the due date specified on your confirmation (usually within 14 working days of the event).

Making Changes

When possible, we will try to accommodate changes to your reservation. Changes made with less than 3 working days notice are subject to a $5.00 update fee. If you have a series reservation, we will usually make up to 2 series changes free of charge. Subsequent changes are subject to a $10.00 change fee.

Sponsoring Group Responsibilities

  1. Your meeting coordinator must be in contact with us no later than two weeks prior to the event for final set-up and equipment arrangements.
  2. One person should be the designated representative of the renting party during the event. This person will coordinate with the building representative regarding check-out, and will assist with any questions and concerns that may arise.
  3. The renting party is responsible for the conduct of all persons associated with the event. Any persons causing destruction, excessively loud noise, or abnormal behavior will be removed by Campus Security.
  4. Music, if any, will be maintained at a volume considered appropriate by the building representative.

Food and Refreshments

If you will be serving food and/or beverages, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

You can make arrangements for catered food service through University Catering at 206-685-2051. You may also use a caterer of your choosing and/or provide store-purchased food. In these cases, you must obtain and complete a Temporary Food-Service Event Form. This form can be filled out online at: This form must be filled out by the caterers and returned to Environmental Health and Safety two weeks prior to your event. Cooking of any type in the rooms is prohibited.

Serving Alcohol

The Authorization to Apply for a Banquet Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form is your Alcohol Permit. This form can be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (Schmitz Hall, Room 476). Once you have completed the form, you AND the person who handles room reservations for the event site will need to sign ALL COPIES of the form on both the FRONT and the BACK. Then the form can be submitted to the VP for Student Affairs. Once they have signed your authorization permit, you will need to take both of the white copies to your local liquor store in order to obtain the Liquor Permit. You will be required to pay a $10.00 fee at the liquor store and to fill out another form with all of your caterer's information (name, address, phone #) as well as the information specific to your event.

The Alcohol Permit must be displayed in plain sight at your event.
Otherwise, a fine may be imposed.

Moving Furniture

Moving furniture within rooms or from one room to another is not allowed. Special furnishing arrangements can be coordinated in advance through POD. Damages resulting from misuse of furniture or labor costs incurred for resetting moved furniture will be charged to you/your group.


No signs, etc., may be tacked, stapled, or pounded into any part of the room(s) or in the hallways. Materials may only be hung with non-paint-damaging tape (drafting tape). Items hung in a manner other than non-paint-damaging tape will be removed and a $10 fee plus damage costs may be charged to you/your group.

Cleaning Up

The facility must be returned to its original condition, including removal of trash. The representative of the renting party signing the agreement is responsible for any damage caused by any person associated with the event.


Parking in the underground garage is not available to meeting guests. Parking is available in pay lots in the vicinity or through metered parking on the street. There are disabled parking spots available outside the garage.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for the protection of the Roosevelt Commons, its other tenants and clients. They will be administered by our designated building representative. Failure to cooperate will result in enforcement by the Campus Police.

Rental Fees include:

Cancellation Fees