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Organizational Development


The UW Vision states that "discovery is at the heart of our university." Discovery is also at the heart of organizational development -- discovering leverage points, strengths, and potential among organizations, teams, and individuals.

Successful organizational development (OD) is collaborative and future-oriented. Through OD, organizations can improve effectiveness, achieve goals, build capacity, and creatively manage challenges and change.

OD consultants focus on developing the structures, systems, processes, and people within the organization through a variety of activities, including organizational assessments, executive and employee development and coaching, mediation and conflict resolution, operational review and process improvement, retreat planning and facilitation, strategic and operational planning, team development and facilitation, and customized training.


The University Consulting Alliance is group of management, organizational development, and human resource consultants both employed by the University of Washington and subcontracted by UW Professional & Organizational Development.

Services are available only for University of Washington clients.


Could your organization benefit from working with an OD Consultant from POD?
Frequent YES responses mean an OD consultant could likely help your team achieve its goals.

~ adapted from Principles of Organization Development, ASTD Info Line

What is an Organizational Development consultant and why would you need one?
The one constant in organizational life is change. Staff, faculty, and students at the University of Washington have dealt with enormous change in the last five years, and organizations within the UW must continue to change to maintain the University's reputation of excellence. An OD consultant can help you plan your change and minimize risk.

An OD consultant works to bring about positive changes by:

What might an OD consultant suggest as a way to create change?
There are a variety of strategies that lead to change in an organization. They can be directed toward individuals, work groups, or the entire organization. Some commonly-used OD strategies include: