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Employee Career Development
Manager Resources


As a leader, you play a key role in career development at the UW. Encouraging staff to reach their career goals not only makes individuals' work lives more satisfying, it helps ensure the University's continued success. By encouraging career development, you can motivate your employees to achieve their best work, which in turn may increase their contributions to your organization and help you reach your own goals.


As a manager, you can encourage your employees to pursue career development opportunities and support their continued professional growth. Even in tough times, it's important to allot time and money for classes, training, and other professional development opportunities.

Career Development for Employees

A variety of resources and services are available to help employees with their professional development.

POD Quarterly Courses

Familiarize yourself with POD’s Quarterly Course offerings in communications, fiscal management, leadership, and other areas as a professional development resource for your staff.

Here are additional ways you can encourage and support your employees:


"On-Boarding": Showing New Hires the Ropes

UW departments have built "on-boarding" programs to help new employees quickly learn how to navigate the University and its processes. Getting started on the right foot is the first step to career development.

U-Plan: University of Washington Workforce and Career Development Planning Guide (PDF)

The U-Plan is a toolkit that can help you think about and get started with assisting your staff engage in Employee Development. Pairing workforce and organizational planning along with Employee Development can help make such a program a “win/win.”

Use the career development section of the UPlan for working with staff members on their creating a plan for their careers.