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How to Register

Courses, events, and webinars presented by Professional & Organizational Development (POD) are designed for all UW staff and faculty. For most POD offerings, registering requires logging into our registration system with your UW NetID and password.

If you have questions about the eligibility of UW and non-UW employees, see the Eligibility to Attend Courses section of our policies page for details.

Paying Fees

POD operates as a recharge center; most of our programs are self-sustaining and therefore we must charge fees to cover our costs.

Most POD courses and events are offered through self-sustaining programs and require paying a fee to attend. Fees may be paid by your department, if approved by your supervisor, or by you personally. If your department agrees to pay for the course, you will need to obtain a budget number to register (your department’s budget coordinator or administrator should have this information). Paying by cash, check, or credit card will require an additional 15.6% institutional overhead fee.

See the Fees & Payments section of our policies page for details.

Finding Courses and Events

Upcoming POD courses and events can be found in our online course catalog. In the online catalog, you can access the menu on the left side of the browser window to view courses in the current or upcoming quarter by category or by "A to Z" (alphabetically). You can also download a PDF of the course list for the current or upcoming quarter, view upcoming webinars, and view courses and events by date.

Click on course titles to go to individual course pages. Each individual course page contains a course description and, if the course is currently being offered, information on the instructor, course fee, and course dates and times.

Receiving Approval

Once you've found a course you'd like to take, talk with your supervisor to see if he or she can approve the time off from work and if your department will pay for the course. To prepare for talking with your supervisor, you may want to identify how the course will help you at your job or with your professional development goals. Download POD’s Training Action Plan and use it to help you set goals and prepare for seeking approval from your supervisor.

Time off for training is subject to UW policies, as well as your department’s policies. See the Release Time Policy for UW Employees section of our policies page for details.


Click on a course title to go to the individual course page. On that page, click the “Register” button for the section that you wish to register for.

Log in with your UW NetID and password.

Complete your registration by providing the necessary budget or payment information.