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Student Employment &
Student Employee Compensation

This web page provides information about the employment of students in designated job titles. Employment practices for other student job titles are covered by the contract between the UW and the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Student Employment Eligibility

UW Students

In accordance with UW Employment and Administrative Policies, Chapter 104, Student Employees, to hold an appointment in a student job title, a student must be enrolled at the University of Washington and meet the following minimum enrollment requirements (not including correspondence credits):

Non-UW Students

UW employers may hire non-UW work study students in job code 1836 (Student Assistant), and Non-UW nursing students in job code 1835 (Nursing Technician). Non-UW students employed in these job titles are not subject to the 950 hour limit on temporary employment but they may be eligible to participate in the Pers 2/3 retirement plan.

Non-UW students who are not work study eligible or who are not nursing students may be employed as a regular temporary hourly employee using the classified job title that most closely matches the work to be performed. With the advance approval of Human Resources it may be appropriate to use Temporary Staff Helper job title for such appointments.

Employment Eligibility Determination and Monitoring

Each employer of a student employee is responsible for confirming the individual's eligibility for appointment as a student employee by verifying enrollment with the appropriate registrar's office. Each student employee is responsible for notifying his or her employer if he or she no longer meets minimum enrollment requirements.

Employment and Compensation

The process used to recruit and appoint student employees must comply with the University's nondiscrimination and affirmative action policies (UW Executive Order 31 - See also information from the Equal Opportunity Office). Student employment is also subject to the provisions of Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 73.16 regarding the employment and reemployment of veterans. Refer to the UW/UAW Local 4121 Contract for guidance on the appointment and employment of academic student employees on an hourly basis.

Student Employment Job Title and Compensation Information
Job Code Title Overtime Covered Pay Rate Usage
Min Max
0872 Student Assistant Exception Yes $25.55/hr $70.00/hr This is an exception pay category requiring approval as described below.
0875 Student Assistant - Calendar Year 2016 Yes $13.00/hr $25.54/hr General student employment performing a variety of support tasks (Seattle & Bothell campuses).
0888 Student Assistant - UWT - Calendar Year 2016 Yes $11.00/hr $25.54/hr General student employment performing a variety of support tasks (Tacoma campus).
1836 Student Assistant - Non-UW higher education student Yes $13.00/hr $50.00/hr Only available to employ a non-UW higher education student who is in an authorized work study program at another higher education institution. Duration of appointment is set by the length of the work study awards.
0884 Nursing Tech UW Student Yes $13.10/hr $17.10/hr Only available to employ UW nursing students who perform selected nursing duties under supervision.
1835 Nursing Tech - Non-UW Student Yes $13.10/hr $17.10/hr Only available to employ nursing students at other schools who perform selected nursing duties under supervision.
0890 ASUW/Appointee No $1274/mo $2682/mo Only available for ASUW Appointments

Wage Determination

Student employees must be compensated within the assigned salary range for the job title and in accordance with the pay determination guidelines below.

Pay Determination Guidelines

Appointing departments are responsible for maintaining consistent and equitable pay practices across student positions based on considering factors such as:

The department determines the starting wage and subsequent pay increases within the pay range.

Graduate Research Student Assistants (GRSA)

Graduate Research Student Assistants must be compensated based on the Graduate Research Student Assistant (GRSA) salary schedule published on the Graduate School's TA/RA Salary Schedule web page. GRSA appointments are made based upon the position's responsibilities, longevity, merit, market conditions, or recruitment difficulty. Refer to the UW/UAW Local 4121 Contract for guidance on the appointment and employment of academic student employees on an hourly basis.

Exception to Student Employee Pay Rates

Employing units may request an exception to the student employee pay rates when it is necessary to pay a student employee above the maximum Student Assistant pay rate. Use of the Student Assistant Exception job title (class code 0872) requires advance approval of the of the unit supervisor or administrator and the unit budget authority. The Student Assistant Exception job title is only used where an exceptional pay rate is warranted. Circumstances warranting the approval of an exceptional pay rate include such factors as competitive market conditions or exceptional job skill requirements (e.g. advance computer programming skills).

To request an exception, the department administrator or the supervisor completes the Student Employee Exception to Pay and Classification Schedule Form.

Work Hour Limits

Employment of Minors - Work hours and working conditions for student employees under the age of 18 are covered by the UW Requirements for Employing Minors.

Students 18 years of age and older are limited to working 19.5 hours per week when classes are in session, and may work more than 19.5 hours per week during school breaks or when "on leave". Students are considered "on leave" as follows:

For student job titles covered by the contract between the UW and the United Auto Workers (UAW), see Contract Article 16, Leaves of Absence.

Hourly Pay Requirements, Work Records & Overtime

Student employees are overtime eligible and must be compensated for all hours worked. Hours worked includes all time an employee must be on duty and is permitted to work. Student employees do not receive paid holidays, and holidays for which regular staff are paid are not considered "hours worked" for student employees.

Appointing departments must maintain work/time records for student employees to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) record keeping requirements. See the Work/Time Record Keeping webpage for instructions on how work/time records must be kept.


Student employees are covered by mandatory overtime requirements, and they must be compensated at time and a half for all hours worked over 40 hours per workweek. If a student employee has more than one University appointment, the hours worked in all appointments are totaled to determine the total hours worked within the workweek. See also Overtime Eligibility and Compensation for Non-Academic Employees.