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Classified Compensation
Classification Review


An employee or an employee's manager may request to have a classified position reviewed for possible change in job classification when the current job specification no longer matches the position's assigned duties and responsibilities. (NOTE: If you believe that a classified position should be reviewed for placement in the Professional Staff Program, use the professional staff position review process to request a complete position review.)

Employees are encouraged to work with their supervisor in completing the position review process but are not required to do so. An employee can request to have his or her position reviewed for reclassification even if the employing unit believes that reclassification is not appropriate or that funding a possible reclassification may be problematic.

Reclassification decisions are made by comparing a position's assigned duties to the available job specifications. Classification decisions are not based on an employee's job performance or on a comparison to the work that other employees perform.

The job specifications that are used to determine a position’s job classification are general in nature and are not intended to serve as a job description. Each job specification is divided into sections; depending on the particular specification and its revision date, the sections are as follows:

The Class Series Concept, Basic Function (or Definition) and Distinguishing Characteristics statements, taken together, describe the primary purpose and responsibility level of a job class. They receive the most weight in classification decisions. Typical Work statements do not determine job classification.

The Compensation Office considers the job class you are seeking, other job classes that may be appropriate, and identifies the job class that is the "best fit" for your duties. Best fit does not mean that the job class describes all of your duties; it simply means the closest fit out of the available job classes.

The classified non-union and contract classified job specifications for classified job titles are available on the web, listed in alphabetical order. After following the link, click the "Job Code" number to view the Class Specification for a particular title.


To request that the Compensation Office review a contract classified or classified non-union position, the employee completes Classified Position Review Questionnaire following the Guide to Completing the Classified Position Review Questionnaire (employees website). The supervisor or manager reviews the completed questionnaire and forwards it for any required departmental review. The completed questionnaire is sent to the Human Resources Compensation Office.

If you have questions about the position review process, contact the Compensation Office.

Compensation Office Action

A Compensation Consultant will:

The Compensation Consultant can also answer questions about job reclassification.