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Classified Compensation
Additional Compensation Programs


Salary Adjustment - Recruitment/Retention Program

This program allows supervisors to award additional salary increment steps to both classified non-union and contract classified staff to address serious salary equity/alignment or retention issues.

There is no limit to the number of additional steps that may be approved at one time, but the additional salary increment increase cannot exceed the top automatic increment step of the employee's range, and it does not change the employee's periodic increment date.

Career Enhancement/Growth Program (CEGP)

This program gives supervisors the opportunity to recognize and reward contract classified staff whose pay tables reflect CEGP step and who:

The Career Enhancement/Growth Program applies only to contract classified staff whose pay tables reflect CEGP steps and not to any other University of Washington employees.

There are no restrictions in the number of staff in a unit who may receive CEGP steps. Receiving a CEGP step does not result in a new increment date. A CEGP award may start no earlier than two (2) pay periods before the date of appointing authority approval. This is to allow for administrative processing requirements. In the event you believe that circumstances for a particular CEGP award are exceptional, you should contact your Human Resources Consultant (HRC).


  1. Complete and sign the form (signatory must have budgetary approval authority);
  2. Distribute copies as specified at the bottom of the form.

Salary Adjustment - Recruitment/Retention Form

Career Enhancement/Growth Program form

Please report any problems accessing or completing the form to Direct questions these programs to your unit's HRC.