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SEIU 925 (2013-2015) Contract Negotiation Updates

SEIU 925 represents employees covered by four University-wide bargaining units (Non-Supervisory, Supervisory, Research Technologist, and Research Technologist Supervisor) and one Healthcare Professional/Laboratory Technical contract covering employees in designated healthcare classifications. SEIU 925 represents a wide variety of job classes at UW's campuses and medical centers, including administrative and technical support, service workers, analysts, and healthcare specialists.

Peter Denis
Assistant Vice President, Labor Relations (Lead Negotiator)
Sue Carr
Technical Services Manager, UW Police Department
Robert Carroll
Director, Harborview Clinical Support Services and Planning
Caroline Currin
HR Consultant, UW Human Resources
Bob Ennes
Interim Director, Health Sciences Administration
Cheryl Ewaldsen
Assistant Director, Housing and Food Services
Trish Fiacchi
Director, UW Tacoma Human Resources
Mara Fletcher
HR Manager, School of Medicine
A.J. Hartman
Communications Specialist, Labor Relations
Karen Holloway
Associate Administrator, Laboratory Medicine
AnaMarie Keeney
HR Consultant, UW Medical Centers
Susan Lawrence
Director, HR Information Technology
Darren Layman
Assistant Director, Harborview Medical Center Ambulatory Care
Jennifer Mallahan
HR Specialist, Labor Relations
Frances Marshall
Assistant Administrator, Harborview Medical Center Ambulatory Care
Shelley Middlebrooks
Executive Director, HR Compensation
Patty Riley
Associate Administrator, UW Medical Center
Kristine Wegener
HR Manager, UW Medicine IT Services

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Negotiations Recap for September 24, 2012

This recap details the eighth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 925.

Comprehensive Tentative Agreement Reached

After extensive discussion, UW and SEIU 925 arrived at a comprehensive tentative agreement on a collective bargaining agreement that addresses the priorities of both the University and SEIU 925-represented employees.

UW-SEIU 925 Tentative Agreement

Contract Highlights

Key provisions from the new comprehensive tentative agreement include:

Wage Increases
All SEIU 925-represented employees will receive a 2 percent across-the-board wage increase for both years of the 2013-2015 biennium, effective July 1 of 2013 and 2014.
These across-the-board wage increases will ultimately be contingent on successful completion of a sequence of events in the Washington State government, including a finding of financial feasibility by the Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM), followed by approval by the Legislature, and concluding with appropriation of the state portion of funding for the increases in the 2013-2015 state budget.
If any one of the contingencies is not met, the across-the-board increases will not occur and the parties will resume collective bargaining on financial matters.
Pay Step Increases
On certain salary ranges that include "rest steps" - successive steps with the same value - UW will change selected steps to provide an increase from the previous step.
For health care pay scales B7, BG, and BH, steps I, J, and L will each be worth 1 percent more than the previous step, effective July 1, 2013. All SEIU 925 health care pay tables will increase steps N and O by 1 percent more than the previous step, effective July 1, 2014.
MOU: SEIU 1199/WSNA "Me-too" Agreement
If UW agrees to across-the-board salary or general increases for an SEIU 1199 or WSNA bargaining unit during negotiations for the 2013-2015 biennium that are more favorable than those negotiated by SEIU 925, UW will apply the same treatment to the salary schedules of SEIU 925-represented employees.
Also, UW and SEIU 925 will meet at least quarterly to address and bargain issues involving wages relative to market rates, recruitment and retention, and/or wage compression.

Contract Details

For more details on what is new and different in the 2013-2015 collective bargaining agreement, see the summary of the UW-SEIU 925 comprehensive tentative agreement.

Next Steps

UW and SEIU 925 will recommend this agreement to their respective constituents for approval and ratification.

UW will submit the contract and funding request to the OFM by October 1, pending contract ratification by SEIU 925.

Negotiations Recap for September 20, 2012

This recap details the seventh session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 925.

SEIU 925 Presentation


The parties heard testimony from an ophthalmic technician performing ophthalmic imaging work who is advocating for reclassification, and from Medical Assistants promoting higher pay.

SEIU 925 Proposals
Wage Increases
SEIU 925 proposed wage increases for the medical assistant series and moving vascular technologists up on the wage scale.
Ophthalmic Technicians
SEIU 925 proposed the creation of a new, higher-paid job classification into which ophthalmic technicians performing ophthalmic imaging work would be reclassified.
Harborview Public Safety Sergeants
SEIU 925 proposed providing a $1.30 per hour pay premium to public safety sergeants at Harborview Medical Center for performing restraints, which it previously proposed for public safety officers at UW Medical Center.
Articles Withdrawn

SEIU 925 withdrew its proposals on the reclassification appeals process, the removal of disciplinary documents, and creating a joint union-UW training class.

UW Presentation

Cost Analysis - SEIU 925 Economic Proposal

UW presented a cost summary of SEIU 925's initial economic proposals. SEIU 925's economic proposals would cost the UW more than $126 million over two years.

UW Market Wage Data

UW presented findings from the new Classified Staff Compensation Study, demonstrating how wages at UW in both health care and non-health care settings compare against market averages.

UW pointed out that overall, most of UW's pay for positions in health care is closely aligned with the market 50th percentile. UW explained that collaborative efforts between the University and SEIU 925 toward targeted recruitment and retention adjustments have helped yield tangible results, despite the economic climate.

UW noted that wages for non-health care jobs, while still within what is considered a "normal" range of the market average, show room for improvement (LINK). UW explained that this information demonstrates the need and lays the foundation for working to bring UW employee wages across the institution into closer alignment with one another.

UW Economic Proposal

UW declined SEIU 925's economic proposals, and returned with a comprehensive economic counter-proposal.

UW proposed 2 percent raises each year for both years of the 2013-2015 fiscal biennium to benefit all SEIU 925-represented employees. These across-the-board wage increases would ultimately be subject to final approval and appropriations from the state government.

UW explained that beyond economic provisions negotiated in the contract, it would like to maintain the momentum of both parties in working together to identify and address recruitment and retention issues among SEIU 925-represented employees.

UW expressed that given the current economic and collective bargaining context in Washington State, it believes this offer represents a smart balance between the responsible stewardship of state funds and the beginning of a tangible emergence from the recession for its employees.

SEIU 925 Response

SEIU 925 expressed frustration, pointing out that its bargaining units at Harborview and UW Medical Centers are less reliant on state funding than its other UW bargaining units. SEIU 925 reiterated its desire to bargain a separate deal with larger wage increases for its members working at the hospitals.

UW explained its intention to put any available money into general wage increases, and emphasized that its overriding priority is to do the greatest good for as many employees as possible with its resources.

Tentative Agreements

SEIU 925 agreed to UW's latest counter-proposals on the SEIU 925/1199NW "Identical Titles" list, and on adjusting the rates of temporary employees within the parameters of UW policy and state law.

Next Steps

The next UW/SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for September 24.

Negotiations Recap for September 7, 2012

This recap details the sixth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and SEIU 925.

UW Presentation

UW Proposals
Unauthorized Absence
An employee who neither appears for work nor reports their absence to their supervisor on three consecutive workdays would be recommended for termination.
Employees with proof that their absence could not reasonably have been avoided could submit a written petition for reinstatement within 10 days of the mailing of their separation notice.
Probationary Period
Expedite the process by which an employee who is rejected during their probationary period may request an explanatory meeting.
UW proposed that such a meeting take place within 10 business days of the notice of rejection.
UW Counter-Proposals
Vacation Leave
If an employee's request for vacation leave is denied by their immediate supervisor, they could appeal the request to the direct leadership of their supervisor, whose decision on the matter would be binding.
Job Reclassification Appeals Process
UW upheld its proposal to allow a hearing officer to decide on the "best fit" classification of the work in question within the parameters of the UW Classification System.
Joint Labor Training Session
UW maintained its proposal to make such a class available to only SEIU 925 members and UW management, but withdrew the idea of stewards applying their training release allotment to attend.

SEIU 925 Presentation


Several SEIU 925 members delivered testimonials in support of wage increases for both the surgical and clinical technologist job series, as well as expanding eligibility for preceptor pay.

They voiced that higher pay for technologists would better reflect the complexity of their work, and would improve UW Medicine's competitiveness in recruiting and retention. SEIU 925 members also reasoned that a broader application of preceptor pay would increase the quality of training received by new hires.

SEIU 925 Proposals
Wage Increases
Increase the pay ranges of the clinical and surgical technologists, and make the surgical technologist job classification eligible for the Advance Certification/Registration pay premium that is available to certain hospital technical employees who are certified in qualifying specialty areas.
Educational and Professional Development
Grant all SEIU 925-represented employees between 24 and 40 hours of educational/professional leave each year.
Each SEIU 925-represented, full-time equivalent employee would also receive between $250 and $500 per year in education support funds. Unspent individual funds would be pooled and used on a department-wide basis.
Preceptor Pay Definition
SEIU 925 proposed a definition of what activities qualify for preceptor pay.
SEIU 925 Counter-Proposals
Temporary, Hourly, and Fixed Duration Employees
SEIU 925 amended UW's counter-proposal to include that individual departments may request salary increases where appropriate.
Identical Titles List
SEIU 925 proposed that the cardiac sonographer and the pulmonary function technologist job series receive the same salary adjustments, market adjustments, and premium pay rates as those negotiated by their SEIU 1199-represented counterparts at Harborview Medical Center.

Further Dialogue

UW distributed a chart indicating the statuses of the proposals made by both parties to date as a reference for the coming bargaining sessions.

UW emphasized that the parties must work strategically and efficiently during the remaining meetings, given the short time frame between the September 20 release of the Washington Office of Financial Management's state financial forecast and the state-mandated October 1 contract due date.

Next Steps

The next UW/SEIU 925 bargaining session is scheduled for September 20.