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UW - WSNA Contract

2015-2017 Biennium

Article 15 - Conference Committee

15.1 Conference Committee.
The Conference Committee shall meet at least quarterly. It shall consist of the three elected representatives of the nurses plus one clinical unit representative appointed by the nurse bargaining unit, and an Association staff member, and five representatives of the Employer to include the Chief Nursing Executive and/or designee and one member of the Employer's contract negotiating team. The purpose of the Conference Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to foster problem solving through communications between the Employer and nurses in the bargaining unit and deal with matters of nursing practice and general concern to the parties. Major organizational or policy changes in the nursing department that have a direct bearing on nursing practice or working conditions shall be an appropriate subject for discussion by the Conference Committee. Attendance at Conference Committee will be considered work time and will be paid at the regular rate of pay.

A general group "grievance" as defined in this Agreement coming before the Conference Committee which is not resolved by the parties may be submitted in accordance with Article 18 at Step Two of the Grievance Procedure.

15.2 Professional Practice Council.
The Professional Practice Council discusses nursing practice within the University of Washington Medical Center related to patient care and professional nurses' issues. The Council shall include at least one RN selected by WSNA. The council's activities are not subject to the contractual grievance procedures. All time spent by the WSNA designee will be considered work time and will be paid at the regular rate of pay.

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