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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Police Management Bargaining Unit Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 23 - Employee Representation

23.1 The public has a right to expect efficient, fair, and impartial law enforcement. Therefore, any alleged misconduct by an employee of the UWPD must be thoroughly investigated to assure the maintenance of these qualities. Employees, too, must be protected against false allegations of misconduct and have the assurance that internal investigations will be conducted in a manner conducive to good order and discipline.

23.2 Every employee who is the subject of an internal affairs investigation or who is interviewed relating to a matter that could lead to discipline (dismissal, demotion, suspension without pay, reduction in pay, and written reprimand) of him/her shall be entitled to be represented by a designated Union representative. The employee to be interviewed shall be afforded reasonable time prior to the interview to consult with the Union representative.

23.3 Every employee who becomes the subject of an internal investigation shall be advised at the time of the interview who is in charge of the investigation and who will be conducting the interview.

23.4 The investigator shall apprise the employee of the complaint made against him/her and allow the employee to read the allegations contained in the complaint. A sanitized copy of the complaint may be provided to the employee, upon request.

23.5 The interview of any employee shall be at a reasonable hour, preferably when the employee is on duty, unless the exigency of the interview dictates otherwise. Whenever possible, interviews will be scheduled during the normal workday of the employee. If the interview is held outside the employee's normal working hours, all time spent in the interview will be considered work time and will be paid at the appropriate rate.

23.6 The employee or the Employer may request that the interview be recorded, either mechanically or by a stenographer. There can be no "off the record" questions. Upon request, the employee shall be provided an exact copy of any written statement the employee has signed, or a verbatim transcript of any interview. Upon written authorization from the employee, the Employer will provide to the Union a copy of any signed statement or verbatim transcript provided to the employee.

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