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UW - WFSE AFSCME Council 28 Police Management Bargaining Unit Contract

Effective 7/1/15 - 6/30/17

Article 18 - Hours of Work and Overtime

18.1 Standard Workday/Regular Work Schedule.
The standard workday/ schedule for full-time bargaining unit employees shall consist of eight (8) hours work of five (5) consecutive days within a seven (7) day period.

18.2 Alternate Work Schedule.
Operational necessity may require positions and/or classes that are normally designated regular work schedule to work on alternate full-time forty (40) hours work schedule other than five (5) workdays of eight (8) hours in a seven (7) day period. Alternate schedules are an appropriate subject for the Joint Union/Management Committee.

18.3 Rest/Lunch Periods.
Employees in the bargaining unit shall be granted a fifteen (15) minute rest period within each half of the workday and a lunch period of thirty (30) minutes. Rest and lunch periods will be considered work time and overtime will not apply. Employees shall remain on duty, in radio contact (subject to call to duty), and within the geographical boundaries designated by the Department during breaks.

18.4 Overtime.
Sergeants qualify for overtime compensation under the following conditions:

  1. For regular work schedule employees (or part-time scheduled employees): work in excess of eight (8) hours in a workday or forty (40) hours in a workweek;
  2. For alternate work scheduled employees: work in excess of the assigned work shift, or work in excess of forth (40) hours in a work week;
  3. All time that the employee is in a pay status, such as sick leave or vacation leave, shall be used for purposes of calculating the workday and workweek.
  4. Overtime work must be approved in advance by the Employer and shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee's regular rate. Overtime shall be compensated on a salary basis unless the employee requests compensatory time and the request is in compliance with Article 20.
  5. Overtime shall be earned at a minimum of four (4) hours per assignment.

18.5 The Employer will not adjust any employees schedule to avoid paying Overtime without providing at least seven (7) days' notice.

18.6 Call Back.
When an employee has left the workplace and is called to return to the workstation outside of regularly scheduled hours to handle emergency situations which could not be anticipated, he/she shall receive two (2) hours bonus pay plus time actually worked. The bonus pay shall be compensated at the regular rate; time worked shall be compensated at time and one-half. Time worked immediately preceding the regular shift does not constitute call back, provided time worked does not exceed two (2) hours or notice of at least eight (8) hours has been given. An employee on standby status called to the workstation does not qualify for call back pay.

18.7 Standby.
Employees required to restrict off-duty activities in order to be immediately available for duty when called, will be compensated for time spent in standby status. The rate of compensation for standby status will be $3.75 per hour. In addition to the pay received while on standby, an employee called to work will be paid at the applicable rate of pay in accordance with Article 18.

18.8 Scheduled Court Assignments.
When employees are required to be available for court during off duty hours as a result of their employment with the Employer, they shall receive a minimum of four (4) hours pay at the applicable rate unless:

  1. The court assignment is contiguous with the officer's regularly scheduled shift, starting or ending. When the court assignment is contiguous with the officer's regularly scheduled shift the officer shall receive the applicable rate for all hours of the court assignment with no minimum.
  2. The court assignment falls during the officer's regularly scheduled shift. When the court assignment falls during the officer's regularly scheduled shift the court assignment shall be considered a normal part of work.
  3. Where an employee is required to appear one or more times in court on any given day, and all of the employee's court responsibilities for that day have not been completed within five (5) hours after the employee's first court appearance on that day, the court minimum will be eight (8) hours.

18.9 Overtime Assignments.
General overtime needs shall be determined and scheduled by the Employer. The Employer will determine which classifications will be needed for overtime assignments. From among the employees in the classifications(s) determined to be needed for overtime assignments, the Employer will endeavor to rotate overtime as equitably as possible. Absent being on home assignment, bargaining unit members will be given the opportunity to work football games. If a bargaining unit member is assigned to work a football game, the University will provide free parking to the event.

18.10 Special Event Rate of Pay.
The University at times has special events (such as football games) which require additional police officers. The University agrees that if there is still a need for officers after members of the Police Officer bargaining unit have been offered the work it shall be offered to those members of this bargaining unit that have indicated an interest in performing such work, prior to being offered to officers from other jurisdictions. Sergeants or Lieutenants who are assigned to a shift the night immediately before a football event or the night immediately after the event will be the last to be called for staffing football events. Recharge pay will be compensated at the rate of one and one-half times the base rate and will apply to Sergeants and Lieutenants assigned to the stadium or patrol coverage for football games.

When Sergeants or Lieutenants are scheduled to work a football event within eight (8) hours of the end of their previous shift or the start of their subsequent shift, management will schedule their football game shift in such a way to create an eight (8) hour rest between shifts, except in cases of emergent operational necessity, or in cases that the football shift is contiguous with the regularly scheduled shift.

18.11 Shift Selection and Assignment.
The Employer shall determine shift assignments for Lieutenants. Shift assignments will be based on the business needs of the department and will not be utilized for discipline or corrective action. Lieutenants desiring a shift assignment change or alternative work schedule may submit a request in writing with a proposed schedule included. The Employer will provide a written response for all rejected submittals. Nothing in this section will entitle the employee or the union to utilize the grievance procedure.

For Sergeants on patrol assignments, shift shall be as follows:

Patrol Assignments for sergeants shall be determined by seniority. For the purposes of this contract and section, seniority shall be defined as "time in grade" at the University of Washington Police Department-Seattle Campus. Specifically, the continuous length of service in a promotional grade determines seniority.

Exceptions: If a patrol sergeant has worked two (2) consecutive years (minimum 24 months) on night shift, the sergeant will have the option of choosing a dayshift patrol squad at the next shift selection. If a sergeant opts to leave night shift after two (2) consecutive years (minimum 24 months), he or she will be allowed to "bump" the least senior sergeant on the current schedule. Subsequently, his or her shift selection will be determined by time in grade between themselves and the current sergeant remaining on dayshift.

The same procedure shall apply to sergeants working dayshift who wish to move to nightshift.

18.12 Overtime Exempt Employees.
Lieutenants are exempt from overtime pay. The University agrees that Lieutenants will receive 1.5 times base pay for recharge special events, as well as pre-approved special projects and assignments. Currently, football and basketball games are the only recharge special events for which Lieutenants receive 1.5 times base pay. For Lieutenants to be paid 1.5 times base pay for other special events, the parties must specifically agree to the payment in writing prior to the assignment. Lieutenants will earn a minimum of four (4) hours of 1.5 times base pay per assignment.

18.13 No employee shall be assigned more than sixteen (16) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period except during an emergency or such hours have been mutually agreed upon. A minimum rest period of eight (8) hours will be given prior to beginning the next shift.

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